DXL: The First Step In Efficient Defense Logistics

Defense Export Logistics (DXL) proactively works with its existing network of international defense contacts to provide standalone export compliance solutions and international representation for small to medium sized companies.

Combined Resolve

Export Compliance Expertise

DXL clients benefit from a diverse network of global defense connections to assist in the pursuit of business growth. Maintaining these relationships is integral to the success of DXL services and provides a distinct competitive advantage.

International Ops

Utilizing knowledge of the global defense market, DXL works to target specific niche markets of opportunity instead of wasting time on inopportune markets.

International Management

DXL maintains a staff that is specialized in the areas required to transact international defense business to include the vital element of export compliance, which is often outsourced or overlooked by burgeoning companies.

Cultural Awareness

DXL understands that international business hinges greatly on relationships, culture, and developing face-to-face trust. Both U.S. and foreign DXL customers benefit from working directly with the subject matter experts to assist in providing all necessary solutions.


DXL’s export compliance solutions not only provide point-of-sale licensing, but also provide the capabilities necessary to develop an entire compliance program that the client can utilize to market as a means to executing future international business in an efficient and effective manner.