DXL: Bringing Buyer and Seller Together

The global market is dynamic. It continually presents opportunity to a wide variety of business and enterprises. DXL has intimate knowledge of market trends and works to match these trends to businesses offering a solution. We create a target market for you.

DXL has unmatched experience in a variety of specific markets and is constantly expanding our reach.

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DXL’s history dates back over 60 years to the origins of our parent company. Our roots are deeply seated in the aerospace market. DXL has a keen understanding of the Government regulations and international defense marketplace as they pertain to aerospace. Aerospace includes a large segment of products to include (but not limited to): UAV/Drone, military and commercial aircraft, military and commercial aircraft parts, satellites, launch vehicles, space propulsion, and rocket propulsion.

First Individual Issue Facility opens

Body Armor

DXL has identified body armor as a major growth market in the international defense marketplace. DXL is proud to offer body armor solutions to U.S. and international clients. Our armor solutions include some of the most technologically advanced armor products on the market. We are proud to support armor products such as: hard armor plates, soft armor vests, ballistic helmets, ballistic shields, floatable body armor, and many more. As a registered exporter of personal protection and body armor equipment, DXL matches body armor solutions to end-users who would otherwise have to purchase inferior equipment.

US service members compete in an international machine gun match during AASAM 2012


The ammunition market has taken a hit on a global scale. With the implementation of various Government regulations, expansion of conflicts, and the demand for personal use, the global defense marketplace is in dire need of an ammunition solution. DXL provides opportunities to small U.S. ammunition companies to reach the global marketplace and matches them with end-users in need.



Aerospace technology has dramatically advanced over the past decade. The usage of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or Remote Piloted Aircraft has increased worldwide. DXL works with their partners to provide global opportunities to U.S. manufacturers and assists in facilitating these highly regulated international transactions.