DXL: Making the Complicated Simple

DXL provides compliance solutions which enable an organization to legally complete defense transactions within the parameters of international regulations.

Licensing & Agreements

Export Licenses: Conducting international defense business requires a keen understanding of export regulations. All international defense sales, and many commercial sales, are regulated to ensure compliance with export control laws. Many of these transactions require the receipt of an export license prior to sending any product, material, data, or technical information outside of the United States or to a non-US person. DXL is your source for export licensing assistance.

Agreements: Many complex international defense contracts require the free exchange of information. The U.S. Government requires that many of these programs receive approval through submission of a licensing agreement. These may be referred to as “Technical Assistance Agreements of Manufacturing License Agreement”. DXL can assist in crafting the appropriate agreement from concept to Government approval.

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Our team will visit your location and conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current export compliance program, complete with risk, policy, procedural, and gap analysis.

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Policy & Procedure

DXL’s unique approach to policies and procedures comes directly from information provided by the U.S. Government. We cut out the unnecessary verbiage to provide custom and effective documents that are simple to implement. Our streamlined implementation process includes analyzing current company policies and procedures, publishing new documents, and training to provide an understanding of the improvements.



Any compliance program starts with solid training and education. DXL has a tiered system of training to ensure all levels of the company receive the appropriate style of training. We conduct everything from 30-minute export compliance awareness, to full-day advanced training for corporate executives. DXL will custom tailor any training need to suit your company needs.

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Any company involved in the defense trade must be registered with the U.S. Department of State. In addition, any company involved in commercial international exports must be registered in the U.S. Department of Commerce electronic system. DXL can quickly and effectively work your registration package.


Turnkey Program

Don’t have an export compliance program in place? DXL can evaluate, analyze, and implement a complete compliance program from scratch. Our complete program solution includes an analysis of current international business, export registration, the development of policies & procedures, training, and all components of a successful program. DXL offers on-site assistance during implementation to include active program management and audit support.