DXL: Opening Global Sales Opportunity

Successful defense business in a global environment is challenging. Our international sales solutions provide growing businesses an opportunity to compete with an advantage in the global market.

CJCS meets with his Brazilian Counterpart

International Representation

Small to medium sized defense businesses are being squeezed out of the U.S. marketplace. DXL understands that the defense business opportunities have increasingly shifted to the international marketplace. However, many small to medium size companies do not have the resources or knowledge to enter the international arena. Utilizing an extensive network of international defense contacts, DXL offers a solution that provides direct international representation for your company to the foreign customer or end-user.


Inventory & Sales

For those companies who require more than just representation, DXL can partner with your small to medium sized business to take products into inventory or distribute to international customers. DXL’s process includes working with the end-user and U.S. Government to ensure all export regulations are followed. This solution allows companies to distribute to the international market when they otherwise would be prevented by lack of resources or knowledge.

Making robot bumper mounts

Market Research

DXL’s team of international business specialists can provide unique market information to prevent your company from wasting time in markets that may not be profitable. By working with DXL, we can formulate a strategy to place your product in its most advantageous global market position.


Customer Liaison

Face-to-face meetings are critical when conducting business on a global scale. Not only does DXL offer international representation but also direct liaison with the end customer. We understand that many small businesses do not have the resources to conduct face-to-face international meetings. DXL provides a “one-face” solution to the international customer which includes traveling to the foreign location.


Onsite Representation

DXL’s network of associates provides language, cultural, and international business support to business entering the global marketplace. These services may also include security information, regulatory assistance, and other elements of conducting successful business in an international market.

Flintlock 2014


DXL believes in doing business face-to-face by embedding with our clients to provide unique solutions. This enables DXL’s global network of compliance and international sales experts to ensure all specific needs are being met.

Plans leading to the reopening of the British Embasy in Tehran

Government & Embassy Relations

Through utilizing DXL’s extensive network and wealth of knowledge we work with the U.S. Government resources to find end-user match-making opportunities for your services and/or product. This includes working with U.S. Government representative in Embassies around the world to further your business goals.